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2005+ submarine antenna upgrade on 2001 A6 Avant

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Ok, so i've been thinking about upgrading my roof mounted antenna (this thread is applicable to anyone with a A6/A4/allroad avant pre-2004) to the newer submarine style found in on 2005 Audis (not the sharkfin from the 2004 model years). I happen to come across this auction in ebay...and it happens to be the same color as my avant (go figure).

The C5 A6/S6/RS6 was never offered with this antenna (only the 2005 allroad); so the upgrade will be completely unique. Plus, when I go skiing, I hate having to install my stubby antenna to clear my Thule roof box (of course, that isn't the primary reason for doing this).

link to auction (not sure if someone from this forum?):

For $40, why not. I'll have to do some additional research to locate the parts for the connecting cables etc. Once I have all the details, I will share the part#'s, installation pix (not looking forward to pulling out my headliner :( for this...but oh well)

Ultimately, I will upgrade to the RNS-E, so this will be a nice fit.

Any thoughts, advice, part# sources etc? Many thanks!
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Nice find!!

WHat ant do you have now?

And what are you doing with it??
TeddyBGame said:
(not looking forward to pulling out my headliner :( for this...but oh well)
I think you can access the antenna from the rear dome light, if its wired to the front headunit, then you don't have to remove the headliner
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