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If you have the small BNS3 or BNS4 navigation system (with the display via DIS only) then there is an adapter cable you can buy. But you will need to route the cable from the back all the way to your dash where the radio sits. It might be easier to just get a new GPS antenna, mount it behind the instrument cluser the same way Justin did (see ( for details) and disconnect your current navigation device.

You will need to get a 8E0 or 8H0 unit. If you buy from a dealer in the US, the unit you want to get is the 8E0 035 192E. The "E" unit is supposed to support XM/Sirius but I haven't seen someone actually doing it. The Euro "C" may or may not support sat radio (to be confirmed).

You also need to get adapters for the radio and diversity antenna (HF and ZF) as well as speaker, Bose, etc. Those adapters are currently only available through some companies in Germany or (browse the cables/adapters forum to see who offers those cables).

And last but not least you will need to get the US navigation DVD. If you get the "E" unit it will work right out of the box, if you get the "C" unit you will need to modify some files to get it recognized by the RNS-E. Check if you need details about the US DVD in the EU unit.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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