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Hi all! New (old) Audi owner and member here. Strange issue with the 2004 A4 Quattro 3.0 Cabriolet (just got a few weeks ago, 55K miles)....

I was throwing a 'check engine' light, ultimately found it was due to vacuum leaks. The vacuum line running across the intake to the back of the engine was broken (but the car ran and operated fine). I replaced it, and then noticed the line running from the same T connection at the front of the engine through the manifold to the driver's side of the car was also broken, so I fixed that one as well.

When done, I cleared the check engine codes and drove for a bit. Everything was fine. Drove it to work this morning and all was still good (no light yet, no other issues).

Here's the strange part...when I went to back out of my parking space at the end of the day, the car acted like it didn't want to move like it should, almost like I was riding a clutch driving a manual. I checked and the parking brake was off, but the car didn't seem to move freely. I put it in Drive and the same moving forward - seemed like either the transmission was slipping or the brakes were hanging-up. I drove it home (~15 miles) and it seemed to operate correctly except for when I came to a stop - it didn't want to move like it should when starting from a stop. I still didn't get any warning lights. There are no sounds, no vibrations, nothing indicating any issues.

So my question...would fixing the vacuum lines cause anything odd with the brakes? Also, can you tell me where those two replaced lines run to and control?

I plan to call a mechanic tomorrow but thought I'd ask the forum for any help/advice.

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