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--- In [email protected], "Kelly" <[email protected]> wrote:
> Hey all,
> I've searched, and searched and searched. Anyways, this is whats
> My buddy has a '00 S4 w/o Navplus or anything, just factory bose
> system. He just bought a MMI navi out of a '04 RS6/A6 off ebay,
> with everything.
> Anyways, what all is he going to need to do it get it to work in
> car? Links for faceplates, wires, etc etc?
> thanks,
> Kelly

check out this site:

There is no A4 B5 faceplate for the RNS-E. However, the 4B0 fits
about right if you are willing to cut the top and botton a little.
But before do so consider what you are looking for.

The RNS-E communicates with newer cars of a network, the CAN-BUS.
Without certain signals on that CAN-BUS, it won't turn on with
ignition and has no illumination. You will also not be able to
display anything in your DIS.

Some Audis have already the correct CAN-BUS at the instrument
cluster, some others don't. VAG has introduced the CAN-BUS with MY
1999/2000 but initially there was only one CAN-BUS (power
train/engine), soon followed by the display CAN (instrument cluster)
and infotainment CAN (which is required for the RNS-E). Only cars
after MY 2002/2003 (depends on region and model) have all three CAN-

There is supposed to be an adapter which is able to convert ignition
and light into a CAN-BUS singnal. An advanced version also converts
the CAN-BUS signals for the DIS into clock/enable/data which is used
by older instrument clusters.

I have found one reference to this adapter here: (in German). They are
refering to an adapter made by this guy: The message is
only about the Concert and Symphony II radios but may also work with
the RNS-E. There is a second CAN converter offered here:
dateien/bauplan/can_emu_einbau/home.htm (in German too) but again,
no direct reference to the RNS-E

If you read the RS4 story you will see that you will be able to get
the RNS-E connected, with the 4B0 you will also be able to get the
correct speed signal but your DIS may not display anything or may
only display the radio station but not the navigation instructions.

Before you modify the 4B0 faceplate (and can't sell it anymore) I
would recommend to contact the RS4 guy or the guys who are supposed
to make CAN-BUS converters to see what's possible.

Once you made up your mind, check the adapters section on, there are several people offering the plugs and antennas
for the RNS-E (again, speaking German helps to get the right stuff).

Good luck.

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I have been communicating via email with Hendrik (the guy with the RS4 in the link below), and he says "yes, illumination works (and looks quite nice)" About the DIS he says "it shows the Radio station, limited MP3 track info and the direction the car is going, like N, SW et. One of the major problems is, that the clock will not work" I don't know if the clock not working on the RNS-E is really that problematic. If the display is showing the directional info, it will probably show navi info as well. He does not have a DVD map to tell us for sure. apparently he bought one off of ebay and looks like may have gotten ripped off. Does anyone here in the US have a EU map DVD we can give him? It's useless to us here and would be a big help for development of the RNS-E for the B5.

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Maybe Hendrik needs to spend some more time with a VAG-COM to configure his RNS-E and instr. cluster. If you can get radio info...the clock should translate as well.

I wonder what would happen if a TMC/CAN gateway would do if it was entered into the equation. Just as an experiment.

Who knows.

As always....we watch, we read, we wait for a solution.

Nice work on the follow-up.


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TMC CAN gateway is built into the RNSE from what I understand, so its really not needed. Hendirk seems to think the reason the why the clock info is not showing has something to do with different DIS models, but I tend to agree with you, that it may be a coding issue. I am really researching this as I have an RNSE sitting on my desk waiting to get installed. I am happy to get any info I find passed on to help anyone else.

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