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All of these answers could be found on the board... but I know that there is a bunch of info to sort through and it can be confusing at first.

1) That buzzing sound is because your amp has not turned off. The RNS-E will turn the amp off about a minute or so after you turn off the ignition switch. So, in the meantime the speakers may get a little buzzy because the amp is still on. If it does this for more than a minute or so (e.g., never) then you need to check your wiring harness and make sure there is not a wire inserted in pin D16. (refer to the label on top of the RNS-E). If there is a wire in D16 then move it to D13. You can move the pins pretty easily in the harnesses that Alex provides, just remove the blue sliding bar out of the top and then you can see how to get the pins out. If this is the problem it will also drain your battery (because the amp will never turn off) so you may want to check this sooner rather than later.

2) This is a problem with the early CANbus in the B5 and early C5 cars. There is no real solution to this problem. In the C5 it only happens after a complete power outage, but in the B5 it has been known to happen more frequently because of a power "blinking" problem.

3) You need Bjarne's CANGate device to get your clock to sync, and it will also retain power to the unit until the key is removed from the switch (instead of when the key is turned off).

3a) You need a Dietz 1417 (soon to be replaced with a niftier version) or you need the OEM TV tuner (expensive) for the AUX input. The 1417 provides you with one set of RCA inputs to which you can connect anything you desire. The OEM TV tuner obviously gives you TV tuning, and it also provides two sets of AV inputs with selection via the on screen displays. It's cool and I just posted about it in the multimedia forum.

3b) To use bluetooth you must have a separate module, wiring, antenna, and microphone... and a bluetooth phone. I sell plug and play kits for this on my website so you can see what is involved.

4) Your radio info in the DIS won't be exactly right when in NAV mode. Chalk this issue up to the early version of CANbus in your car. The MP3 song name will never scroll there even in the newest cars. You can get the .mp3 filename off the end by choosing "track name" instead of "file name" in the setup menu of the mp3 card. If that does not work for you, make sure your tags are version 2.4 (2.3 does not work for some reason).
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