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Hello everyone,

I spent quite some time reading different posts on A4 B5 Nav Plus installation, but still I am concerned about buying the unit online because of the following reasons:

1) My car is 2000 A4 B5 (CAN or not CAN??) I have a trip computer and a digital watch, Symphony I and I guess 8D0 035 192 X are the units I should be looking for right (?)

2) If I buy a German unit, can I use the original disk to switch to English, and do I need to purchase a separate disk for importing USA maps ?

3) Can I install the antenna under the front dashboard rather than going through the painful process of guiding the RF wire across the car ?

I'm sure you answered these questions many times, so I would appreciate if you could just point me to the right links.

I sincerely appreciate your help !

Milo. :roll:
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