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2 pre-install questions

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1. When removing the instrument cluster (2003 C5 A6) does that do anything that may reset the odometer?? I am guessing that it does not, but want to make sure before I start taking things apart.
2. Where do the voice controls for the NAV come from? In my previous 01 S4 with the factory US Nav, there was a aux speaker in the drivers door lower front that was used for phone/nav. Does the RNS-E use the entire speaker system, or I noticed a small speaker in the B piller passenger side on my car - maybe from there?
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The odometer will not change/reset if you disconnect the cluster, worst case scenario would be that the trip meter resets. The RNS-E voice comes from both, left or right front speakers, dependent on the coding.
Great. this is what I thought. Thank you for the quick confirmation.
have you removed the screws for the cluster? they are a biatch to get off. Just make sure you have the right size screw driver. A power drill attachement is preferred.

Good luck!
no kidding. I actually tried a "test removal" of the screws after reading so many posts about thier difficulty. Using a power screwdriver I was able to get them loose. I just used the power driver in a locked position- basically the handle gave me much more leverage to loosen the screws over a standard driver. For a while it looked like my RNS-E install was going to be thwarted by two stupid screws!
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