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Seems like noone is doing much with the RNS-E these days but thought I would ask.

So I picked up a few different 193 units, with the intention of coding them to work in Lambo mode.

This always worked with the gen 1 radios.

I noticed that when I code the 193 in Lambo mode, everything works fine in bench testing, with no CAN connection.

Once I hook it into the car (and turn on ignition), the screen goes blank (on but black display). All the functions of the radio are locked as well.

As soon as I turn ignition off, the screen comes back and the radio works normally.

It looks like it is getting something unexpected from the CAN-BUS.

I ran a scan of adaptation channels and compared them to the genuine Gen 2 Lambo radio and it looks like the Lambo radio has quite a few extra adaptation channels.

I don't suppose anyone has the security code for use with VCDS that allows them to see all the locked adaptation channels? That would be great to compare.

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