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1417 and 1280 question...

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Once again, thanks for everyone's support here... Considering I am a new comer, you all have been very nice.

1) Correct me if I am wrong but, From what I read, the 1417 unit is used to add the video option to the NAV Unit...right?

2) And, after my retrofit, I won't be able to watch video while I am driving without disconnecting (or switching off) speed signal coming to NAV unit. So, would the 1280 unit solve that issue or is it used for something completely different purpose?

3) I read few posts about latest version being "F" and "J" and the like.... What unit (RNS-E), software version are the latest that would work in my Audi A6 2001 sedan? - I read in RNS-E upgrade link (thanks TeddyB) that I would need a 4B0-035-192 R unit. Since I want to retain the AM functionality (EU units have different spacing right??) I am thinking to stick with the "R" type unit. I guess I am just confused as to what the latest and the greatest thing (perhaps bugs worked out) I can install without much loss of functionality...

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You can probably tap into the GALA line and not need the 1280 actually :wink:
sounds like you "skimmed" through that post that I wrote.....but your questions are easily answered let me help you out:

1) 1417 is all you need for your car for video input. Period.

2) 1280 wouldn't do anything for you and is applicable to the B6/B7 cars.....etc...etc. You need to add a switch on the gala wire for video in motion. end of story. my original it is stated within. Make sense?

3) also....if you read my post outlining the difference in between the R and P says: "....Both have the 10 kHz spacing for AM stations". Make sense? Also, you are confusing yourself with the "F" and "J" versions. That is for the B6/B7 A4/S4 crowd. Again..start with my link....all the part#'s that you need are within.

....seems like you need to do some more reading. Here is a link to the original thread.

I would also recommend downloading the pdf of the usermanual (194 pages) and read that as well. A link to a pdf version is in my original thread.

...again...happy reading!
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