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This question is from a client of ours who has a A3 with OEM RNS-E and OEM BT. We are doing an audio upgrade, but he asked me to research this:
I have a 2006 Audi A3 with the following factory options:

Bose Stereo
Bluetooth package

As you may be aware, Audi just updated their Bluetooth compatibility chart (10-23-06), and they have added some new phones that are tested to work with the bluetooth system.

One of the phones is the Samsung A900 (listed as fully compatible, and supporting the directory). I purchased this phone, and it paired very quickly with my factory installed bluetooth package.

Here is the problem: While I am able to make and receive calls, and have my contacts showing up in the LED display next to my speedometer, the screen on my MMI display shows the following when I hit phone on the MMI panel:
"Phone Not Installed"

I want the phone information to show on the MMI display, not just the small display next to the speedometer. Here is the specifics on the phone:

Samsung (Sprint is the carrier, location is San Francisco, CA)
Firmware: ZB12
Library Info:

Here is one interesting detail; while the main display of the MMI unit will state, as indicated above, "Phone Not Installed" there is a small icon that will appear on the screen when you are dialing a call--so obviously the main screen is receiving some data, otherwise, there would be no icon appearing (icon goes away when you end the call).

How can I get ALL information to show up on the MMI screen, including my directory?

Why does it say phone not installed, when the phone info appears next to the speedometer?

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Sounds like the BT module is not coded for the extended commands.

What is the coding of the BT module (address #77)? I suspect it may be 00xxx, and it needs to be 10xxx.

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SW level 0110

The dealer had installed Sirius.

Upon inspection the screen reads "Telephone not Installed".

The RNS-E was not coded for Telephone. I assume the dealer screwed up the coding when the Sirius was added.

We recoded the RNS-E for Telematics. No change. We reset the RNS-E. No change.

We rechecked the coding of the BT module. We has a 1 for High Level rather than a 0 for CAN (A2,A3, TT). We changed that digit to a 0. No change.

We tested this module with a RAZR known to work with Audi BT modules Rev G and F - no change.

So I am throwing up my hands at this point. I seem to get my butt kicked by 8P A3's regularly...
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