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'05 S4 Cabrio with XM

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Can anyone confirm that installing the f-version of the RNS-E is plug&play for the '05 S4 Cabrio with XM? Or are additional parts necessary? What about the differences between the sedan and cabrio for the 05 type?

Thnx in advance..
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Albert, I already told you.. don't need to ask it again.. :)
The 8H0 and 8E0 have the same fitting. It will work without any problem..
In Europe there are (were) two different devices, the 8E0 for the Sedan/Avant and the 8H0 for the Cabriolet. I never saw anywhere if there is a functional or technical difference. I also never saw a reference to a US 8H0 unit, it may exist or it may not. But Powertony is right, electrically both units are the same and fit in either model.
S4 cabrio

ok guys, thnx for your quick respons!
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