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  1. Introduce Yourself
    So it leak oil as if it’s in a race,(10/16/2022) I just found out my radiator was filled with water, it started sharing it with transmission fluid from radiator, connection is all gummed up I’m sure from how it starts slow af but a good battery. The passenger window quit rolling down on me a...
  2. C7 platform
    Audi A6 Avant Detail Listing: BONOSS Forged Grade 12.9 Shell Type Lock Bolt Kit (Black), Stage 1 Tuning, RS6 Front Bumper, RS Brakes, 20 inches Forged Wheels, CGW Exhaust, Custom 3D Shovel+Rear Spoiler+Roof Spoiler, Wheel Eyebrow+Side Skirt, Wheel Spacers PCD: 5×112 CB: 66.5 Surface: Bolt...
1-2 of 2 Results