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  1. B7 platform
    Hello I have a 2008 s4 and would love some advice on what to do. The car burns a small amount of oil as I can see it sometimes and smell it every once in awhile. It also has CEL on for being too lean. p0171 and secondary codes p2254, p0150, p0155, p2234. Some steps that I have taken so far were...
  2. Exterior / Body / Lighting
    Right and Left front splash guards/fender liner. Never installed. $15/OBO. 8E0853888A 8E0853887A
  3. 8P platform
    Hello, I am missing bluetooth in my Audi A3 2013. Is it possible to install it somehow? Please help me. Thanks
  4. 8P platform
    Hello! I am new to the forum and really need your guys help! I am looking to buy a car and was thinking to purchase one of which mentioned on title. What better place to ask oppinion right? Is it worth buying one for 6000 euros with 160 000 kms or is it a pass? What kind of problems could it...
1-4 of 4 Results