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    DzevatS ·
    My dad's 2005 Audi A6 MMI module is not able to turn on. So we took it into service and they're pointing the finger at us saying that the reason why it's not turning on is due to "liquid" (coffee, soda, etc) getting into it. Now my dad and I both know we didn't spill anything. They're also saying that the warranty doesn't cover it b/c it's "our fault" (we have warranty on it til mid November of this year). They want to charge us $850 to $900 plus taxes for parts and labor. We're looking for alternatives before we make a decision. So I googled my way around and found out the part # and trying to find a better solution here. FYI: We're from New York, NY and we bought this car certified used.

    I'm considering checking out a junkyard or something and install it myself but I just need the resources. What's your take on this and what do you advise?


    part # 4F1-919-610-R
    Beefbops ·
    Hi Issac, im new to this forum and have just purchased an 08 A4 Avant 2ltr tdi s-line. I was looking at a post with the set up you have regarding your ipod. Looks amazing and just what im after.

    Can you please tell me where i could get the Rasody and Kufatec ?

    How much can i expect to pay for these ?

    And are they simple to install or does it need to go to Audi ?

    Regards Beefbops.
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