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  • PetrolDave ·
    Hi Dirk,
    FYI I've sold my RS4 and bought a Skoda Octavia so I doubt I'll be visiting here much now.
    Igi · ·
    Sold RS4 for Octavia??? What is your feelings?
    a4udi ·
    Hello, my US version has a RNS-E.
    lost pin code.
    I tried to turn it to the European version. I used to do sw0080. but now "sw X" seems to be.
    When installing any firmware cd of Europe, it does not update.
    I want to turn the pin code of the RNS-E. First, I tried to get the European version but I failed him.
    Please help me.
    Rogue ·
    GDay Dirk.
    Today I have finally witnessed the fruits of my labour to complete the CarPC project, which was initiated by you.
    I have Windows 7 coming up with a reasonable picture and MCE is controllable using software I wrote reading the CAN bus.
    I just want to let you know, thank you for the inspiration and help along the way. I'll be posting pictures and videos to the thread in coming days.
    rok22 ·
    HI AudiA4B6US...
    I write to you, because you posted one Theme about RNS-E VIM hacking.
    i just want to know if you can tell me where can i get SW 0080?
    i really need it.I will take full responsibility for what happens with my RNS-E.

    with best regards,
    rok22 · ·
    i have already got it..Thanks whatever.. ;)
    RC200 ·

    I have:
    _S4 from 2000 (8D/B5)
    _RNS-D DX version
    _OEM analog TV-tuner in the boot lid
    _OEM 6CD changer in the boot lid
    _OEM Nokia phone in the armrest
    _Steering wheel controls (6 buttons)
    _TMC box for CAN adaptation to the instruments cluster

    My questions are:
    _does OEM tv-tuner support CAN or is it proprietary protocol (channel setup, channel change, ...) ?
    _are the CAN signals available in the boot ?
    _do you have the pinout of the 10 pins audio-video plug that goes to the tuner ?

    I'm planning to replace the OEM tv-tuner with the Kufatec IMA (with control) + compatible DVB-T tuner.
    Afaik the IMA needs CAN signals, is it the Bosch ones (from the Nav unit) or the Audi entertainement ones (after the TMC box) ?
    Roberto ·
    Do you know if Bjarne is still around? I see his last post was some time ago. I think I'm having issues with the black box convertor (arrival time fix for RNSE) he made for my 01 S4.
    lskA4 ·
    hey, just had a question for you about were the antena should go for the rns-e..i see that you said beside front speaker and windshield or glovebox? do i have to remove things to get to those places?? thanks
    ucimaplaya2 ·
    So I read through almost this entire thread you started called Car PC Project and it seems that the grandtec ultlimate xp pro is no longer the way to go as in it doesnt work anymore? So what is the best way to convert pc (vga, dvi, etc) to RGBS?
    djillusion ·
    hello! i believe you live in chicago as do i. was looking for some help on sourcing a BT module and necessary harness to install for my already installed RNS-E in my B5 S4. proxus sold me the unit and installed it too. its been awhile since i have looked into getting BT installed. if you are willing to assist, i surely would appreciate it.
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